We are glad you found your way here. You are one step closer to bringing your body into balance, strengthening physical weaknesses, empowering yourself, and, you are one step closer to Holistic Body Wellness.

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.

– Carol Welch-Baril

Most people are well known to avoid prioritizing their physical, mental and emotional needs because they think they have more important things to focus on. But one thing that stands out in our minds is that if we have one body for this lifetime, why don’t we put it first? Why is it not a priority on our list of things to do/achieve/take care of?

But, this put’s your ONLY body out of your focus. So, when things do go wrong, and we end up with a nagging backache that just won’t go away, or knee pain every time we climb the stairs or bend down to pick something up off the floor, we then start looking around for ways to fix our problem, FAST. The problem is, there is no quick fix. Sure, certain therapies or drugs (prescribed or OTC) will help the symptoms, but what are you doing about the cause? Unfortunately, there are conditions that affect the physical body that cannot be cured (yet). BUT, there are therapies that can ease the symptoms associated with the condition and can assist in the management of the condition itself.

That’s where the team at Holistic Body Wellness comes in.

Whether you are looking for prevention techniques, or you need help finding solutions to ailments; acute and chronic, there will be a service that we offer that can assist in your journey of Holistic Body Wellness.

If we don’t feel we can assist you, then we will refer you onto an activity, specialist or therapist that we believe will be the next step in your journey.