Meet the team


Caylee is a registered Biokineticist, Sport Scientist, as well as a Pilates and Barre Instructor. 
She completed her undergraduate degree in Sport Psychology at the University of Johannesburg in 2007, then completed Honours degrees in both Sport Science in 2008, and Biokinetics in 2009. She also holds qualifications in Sport & Therapeutic massage, Sports nutrition and Counselling. She is registered with the Biokinetics association of South Africa (BASA) as well as the Health Professions council of South Africa (HPCSA). 

Her experience includes Orthopaedic condition rehab, chronic disease management, Sport specific rehab as well as many years spend in Orthopaedic device and theatre specialization where she has gained hands-on experience in what happens during a joint replacement and ligament repair procedure.
She is passionate about holistically healing the body using her skills in physical therapy and counselling.
Caylee practices Biokinetics in a functional way, meaning that she focuses on practical, Hands-on forms of rehabilitation without the use of large or complicated equipment.
Her main goal is for her patients to walk out of their Biokinetics session, stronger, more confident and capable, with a decrease in their pain.

In her spare time, Caylee thrives on quality time with her Husband, her twins and dogs.




Janye Huisamen

Janye completed her BSc Human Movement Science and Physiology degree with a BHSc Honors in Biokinetics at the North West University in Potchefstroom. She holds certification in Pilates as well as Sport Therapeutic massage. She is also registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as well as the Biokinetics Association of South Africa(BASA).   

She is a driven, positive, diplomatic and enthusiastic person who believes that you can never stop learning and stive to better yourself everyday. She has been involved in all kinds of sport her whole life from Hockey to Dance, and view any type of progress as a great satisfaction. No matter how little or slow it might be. She loves spending time with her friends and family and holds them close to her heart. She is quite a foody and loves the bushveld, and its wildlife.     

Biokinetics makes Janye excited not only because of the broad scope it holds but because she can witness a person develop from total discouragement to being hopeful and positive through Biokinetics treatment. She focuses her whole attention into wanting only the best for her patients, and would always make sure to pay attention to detail as they are all their own individuals. 

  “You will never influence the world by trying to be like it” – Janye